Kiwi for my mother

The kiwi that the friend brings me, put on the table already nearly a week, today look, let me have some trouble unexpectedly.

Kiwi fruit is no stranger to me. I still remember when I was a child, my father would bring back a bamboo basket of kiwifruit from the forest farm every year. At that time, I would spend almost every day in the bamboo basket. Unfortunately, due to illness, I can no longer enjoy this childlike fun.

I gawk at the box of kiwifruit on the table, the in the mind is like a pimple did not disappear, or let my sister take home to the child to eat, but when I call her to tell her, she declined. I’m at a loss for words. I lay silent on the sofa and had a sudden inspiration. I can take the kiwi to my mother and let her have a good taste. I think she will be very happy. The worry in my heart finally disappeared, but I was not a little bit happy, the mood is even more depressed.

“Why didn’t I think of my mother first? Maybe I am too busy with my work to take care of it. But she has been here for more than a month, and I have never been with her. “I kept asking myself.

I should keep in touch with my mother more and spend more time with her on weekends. However, it seems that there are not many topics between us for some reason. For the sake of the meager income and the confused future, in addition to hard work every day, more time, I am willing to be alone, this is we enter the social independent life stage. Mother, I hope you can forgive the son of this injustice, but I have always been unable to forgive their forgetfulness.

I must send it to mother at once, and drop in on her. Walking in the intoxicated night of the street, thinking of every time and mother met the scene, I suddenly choked up.

Every time we met, my mother would look up and ask me sincerely in her eyes if I had had dinner. After I said I had eaten, she would ask me again and again, did I really eat? Then, no matter what, she would take the crumpled ten dollars out of her pocket and let me have a bowl of noodles. And every time I face this scene, I will deliberately to avoid, because I am not afraid to control their tears.

The slower I walked, the lighter the kiwi in my hand. Over the years, the only thing I gave my mother was a box of kiwifruit. Looking at the busy figure in the street, I do not know whether the mother’s work is also very hard? After all, she was too old to be overworked. In fact, the situation in the home, the mother is not necessary to work, but she repeated requests, I can not ao however she, finally had to agree. But who knows, she’s not for me. And in the face of this confused reality, when can I assume the responsibility of my son?

I stood outside the door of the restaurant where my mother worked, but I did not call her. When she found out, I smiled and waited for her to come up.

“Have you eaten yet? ‘she asked, ready to draw money from her pocket.

“How about you? Surely you haven’t eaten yet. “I asked.

Looking at mother some cheep wu of appearance, I pulled her arm to say: “mother, that we eat noodles together.”

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