“You’re lying to me.” In the face of his small surprise, I repeated the light twice.

“I’ve submitted my resignation and will probably leave tomorrow.”

“How come you never mentioned it to me?” “He asked when he calmed down. I didn’t respond, so I took the opportunity to change the subject and invited him to a fast-food restaurant.

We chatted about trivial life, occasionally also insert a few words, my place, deliberately avoid but let a person feel embarrassed. Occasionally glimpse the familiar and bustling scenery outside the window, here will become a memory.

“Are you surprised at my sudden departure?” “I asked brusquely.

“I didn’t expect you to leave so soon. After you leave, I am afraid that no one with me, I do not know who will meet.

Perhaps it is used to the days of no fixed abode, respectively for us, has long been accustomed to. As I sipped my tea, I realized that this time was precious.

In order not to affect the atmosphere, back to the dormitory, I did not pack up, but as usual, looking through the novel, he played games beside, the difference is tonight, we are very silent. Before going to bed, he couldn’t help talking about my work and tickets. I asked him about the fun of games, but after a few words, he ended the topic.

The next morning, when I had packed my things, I gave him the key to the door, and looked back into the empty room, strange and familiar. I forced myself to lock the door and came to the branch road that he had to go through every day. After a short goodbye, he went to the company and gradually disappeared into the crowd.

Way home, I had received text messages from another colleague, why not to leave before news, inform the other colleagues, turn off the information, looked out the window the scenery changing and gradually away from the city, maybe chengdu is not not worth want to stay, just you and me is always passing, which generated by the emotion in the drift from place to place, is minimal.

Arriving in guangyuan in the evening, I answered a friend’s phone and invited me to the blue bridge. For a long time has not been in contact, but also some unfamiliar, but drink a few cups, then warm up again.

“Remember last year? You and I were drinking at blue bridge.” A friend suddenly mentioned it to me.

“Remember! Remember…… “

Slightly drunk, I then remembered that almost forget the past, looking at the cold jialing river, can not help feeling countless.

Last winter, I walked with you in the south river late at night, and the cold wind. The reflection of the quietly flowing jialing river and the cool light on the bank made me drunk that night, but I was not drunk.

This scene, tonight, I was indifferent, the jialing river quietly flowing to the distance, and I how to start a new life, I still remember the conversation with aunt before leaving, for such a choice, I have not regretted.

“The treatment here is already very good, why do you want to go back suddenly?” “She asked in surprise.

I did not say much, only a light sentence, “I want to go back to development, do not want to stay in chengdu.

“To be honest, guangyuan has nothing good to offer. The salary is low and the transportation is not convenient. “She said almost angrily.

Out of respect for the elders, I put the heart would like to say, all back, far at the sky. She may understand that she is also a traveler, she may understand that she also wanted a stable life, but she has not go back, the kind of attachment to the hometown, called homesickness.

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