A letter to Qian xue

Qian xue:

Trust me, trust me. At the beginning of the letter, please forgive me for calling you so. Tonight, after a long night of solitude and reflection, I finally found it expedient to write you a letter. To show the mind, or to resolve all kinds of misunderstanding. I hope you’ll like it.

All the time, I have been hoping that there is a generous and not prudish, sincere woman accompanied by god, we have been able to meet, after several understanding, you have been immersed in my heart. I thought I had not yet reached the point of being fully prepared to confess my love to you (after all, it would be insincere not to be serious and pious about your feelings), but lately I have discovered that if I continue to procrastinate like this, you will leave and miss the right match.

Remember that night, from the south street to the printing house of that section of the road, you said nothing, also did not talk, we were so silent, has walked the whole journey, I was carefully uneasy, tossing and turning the whole night, living fear is there to offend you, or you are in a bad mood. Later, I read a diary about “nurse” and realized your hardships and efforts. Therefore, I immediately rushed to comfort myself that you might be too tired that night, so as to let myself give up some ideas that you would hate me.

In fact, I don’t know if you will like, I’m such a sensitive and sensitive person, you may think this is trivial and a boy should not have the potential, such as tonight, I made a gaffe, but this is also true of my true feelings for you.

I do not know whether I have caused you and your friends any trouble tonight. When I return home, I feel regretful. Please forgive me if I make you feel uncomfortable. But at the same time, I also ask you to understand and forgive me this kind of “stingy” and “selfish”. This is also because I care too much about “someone”, I do not know if you can also understand my state of mind, if you can, then you can understand the pain of this feeling, as if the knife.

Can you forgive such “selfishness”, or think it is too emotional and childish, but when someone is addicted to a certain relationship, who can easily refuse or rational arrangement, these are the real, real show of care for you.

I think I can not reject, more difficult to refuse, even depressed, their most pure and direct inner feelings and expression of you. All this, I hope you can understand, I did not mean to do it, but also involuntarily.

The words cease to garble, thousand snow, I see you weekday work, very sad, finally give you a few words, work, more childish happy, try to add meal on time.

At the end: would like to hold your hand, and son xielao, I treat you, answer me.

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